Scott Smeester has 25+ years of web-based application development, a degree in civil engineering, and two decades of experience running his own business and as a member of the leadership teams of fast-moving startups.  He has the creativity of a developer, an engineer’s love of infrastructure, and the pragmatic “owner’s focus” on strategy and R.O.I.  

Scott’s unique combination of experience and training makes him an ideal partner to translate between the executive suite and the IT group, finding technology solutions to business problems, and making sure business owners understand how to manage technology so it doesn’t become the problem.

Cyber Security

There are a lot of bad guys out there trying to get your data, your money, or access your systems.  Ransomware, your customers’ financial information, valuable intellectual property and trade secrets, not to mention your money, all make you a target.  Most companies have a very basic, weak security posture.

Don’t be afraid.  Be smart!  

You probably have the technology and people you need.  What’s missing is an understanding of where you are exposed and a plan to overcome the gaps.  Our Lightsaber Audit will identify and prioritize your risks and we have engagement options to create a strategic plan to close all your gaps.


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